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PS4 vs XBOX ONE reliablity

After many months of repairs here at itechnician toowoomba we have enough data to compare the Xbox one to the PS4 in terms of reliability. Sony has sold 30 Million units since its launch on November 2013.  Xbox has only sold half that amount however the reliability of the console is terrible.


We have repaired 88 PS4 since launch for the following problems:

PS4 HDMI Socket Damage 42

PS4 Blurry Drive repair 21

PS4 Motherboard Failure 17


But only 12 Xbox One consoles

Xbox one HDMI Socket Damage 8

Xbox One Drive Repair 2

Xbox One Motherboard Failure 2


Even though the PS4 has sold twice the amount of consoles its seems to have the highest failure compared to the Xbox One.  We will do another comparison in a year but we would recommend buying a Xbox One over a PS4 in terms of reliability. While the PS4 is the faster machine hands down, it equates to very little difference in game and Microsofts online is superior. In Most games where the PS4 is able to run in a higher resolution when you compare side by side you can’t really tell the difference.


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