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MacBook water damage repair Toowoomba

Here at iTechnician we repair the apple MacBook not only for lcd replacements but also for water damage.  Water damaged MacBooks of any types such as MacBook Air MacBook retina or the old MacBook Pro can be fixed by us in house at our kiosk at the ridge shopping world.  We are located in Toowoomba so your repairs will be quick.   When a MacBook or iPhone is water damaged the water makes the components inside rust and corrode that creates new circuits or it breaks components.  We are able to look at the motherboard with a microscope and determine what parts have been damaged and replace them.  We are the only repair team in Toowoomba that can do micro soldering down to 200 microns.  That’s the thickness of two peace of paper and we can solder reliably down to this thickness.  We are the only Toowoomba repairers that work on logic boards and able to fix circuits.  We have a 85% success rate for iPhone and MacBook water damage repair in Toowoomba.

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