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inside the iPhone 6s

Contributed by Daniel and Joseph



Our local DHL Courier dropped off the iPhone 6S at 8 am, and by 8.30 we had it our workshop dismantling .



What has changed?

The cameras, they expanded RF frontend the new display which is a lot thicker than the iPhone 6 which has a 1.3mm pad that acts as the 3D Touch screen. There is also a new finger print sensor and the arrangement from the motherboard to the sensor has changed dramatically, the sensor plugs into the 3D touch then into the board so we feel that if the 3D Touch circuit fails that the sensor will also go.  Lucky the design looks very solid and we don’t think it will fail very easily.

The Camera has been updated

What have we found?

There has been a die shrink of approximately 80% which should mean that the device uses less power. Increased to 8MB L3 Cache for the CPU as well.  The overall motherboard design is close to the iPhone 6 with most of the components in the same location. The board is coated with something and we think that its a light water proofing coating that has silently been installed.

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