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1970 iPhone bug repair Toowoomba

Have you reset your iPhone back to 1970 and now it will not boot? Never fear we can fix this in Toowoomba store at the ridge shopping centre in less than 15 minutes.  This big is caused by apples firmware and unfortunately some people were tricked into believing that changing the time and date back to 1970 January the 1st would give them a retro iPhone apple logo when it booted. But actually what happened was it enabled a bug that causes the phone to get stuck while booting and needs a hardware fix.   We can fix this at our Toowoomba iPhone repair store in less than 15 minutes. So if your iPhone will not boot don’t hesitate to contact us or come and see us.

PS4 vs XBOX ONE reliablity

After many months of repairs here at itechnician toowoomba we have enough data to compare the Xbox one to the PS4 in terms of reliability. Sony has sold 30 Million units since its launch on November 2013.  Xbox has only sold half that amount however the reliability of the console is terrible.


We have repaired 88 PS4 since launch for the following problems:

PS4 HDMI Socket Damage 42

PS4 Blurry Drive repair 21

PS4 Motherboard Failure 17


But only 12 Xbox One consoles

Xbox one HDMI Socket Damage 8

Xbox One Drive Repair 2

Xbox One Motherboard Failure 2


Even though the PS4 has sold twice the amount of consoles its seems to have the highest failure compared to the Xbox One.  We will do another comparison in a year but we would recommend buying a Xbox One over a PS4 in terms of reliability. While the PS4 is the faster machine hands down, it equates to very little difference in game and Microsofts online is superior. In Most games where the PS4 is able to run in a higher resolution when you compare side by side you can’t really tell the difference.


MacBook water damage repair Toowoomba

Here at iTechnician we repair the apple MacBook not only for lcd replacements but also for water damage.  Water damaged MacBooks of any types such as MacBook Air MacBook retina or the old MacBook Pro can be fixed by us in house at our kiosk at the ridge shopping world.  We are located in Toowoomba so your repairs will be quick.   When a MacBook or iPhone is water damaged the water makes the components inside rust and corrode that creates new circuits or it breaks components.  We are able to look at the motherboard with a microscope and determine what parts have been damaged and replace them.  We are the only repair team in Toowoomba that can do micro soldering down to 200 microns.  That’s the thickness of two peace of paper and we can solder reliably down to this thickness.  We are the only Toowoomba repairers that work on logic boards and able to fix circuits.  We have a 85% success rate for iPhone and MacBook water damage repair in Toowoomba.

PlayStation 4 hdmi repair



Here at iTechnician we are seeing a lot of PlayStation 4 consoles repairs Toowoomba with hdmi related issues.  Most of the time the hdmi port is damaged and needs replacing.  We have listened to our customers and all we can see is a slight twist or the console falling over can cause this to happen.  It was never a fault with the PS3 consoles.  If your PlayStation 4 has a bad hdmi input here at iTechnician Toowoomba we can replace it for you and have you back in action in a few days.

iPhone 6s repaired force touch

iPhone 6s screen repair ToowoombaOur first look at the force touch found in the iPhone 6s.  We had to replace one today that had became faulty after our customer dropped his iPhone 6s.  Our customer drove all the way from Dalby to get his phone fixed here at iTechnician in Toowoomba.  Lucky for him we were able to replace the force touch part of his display without replacing the whole screen assembly which saved him a lot and made the iPhone repair quite cheap. A replacement screen for a iPhone 6s at time of writing this is $300 he was Able to walk away with $100 repair saving him $200.

iPhone 7 release date

Here at iTechnician Toowoomba we are already thinking about this year’s iPhone 7  and how the iPhone 7 will be to repair. Also the repair to the iPhone 7 Plus, based on our experience with the the iPhone 6s repairs 4350 and iPhone 6s Plus repairs here in Toowoomba. The 6s was released in September 2015.

We expect to be repairing the iPhone 7 late September this year when it releases. We have been following leaks and what we know is the iPhone 7 will have wireless charging which is a good thing because the iPhone 6 always had charge port issues that we could fix by replacing the port.  We also expect the 7 will be released with the touch sensor in the display instead of the home button.

iPhone 4s wifi greyed out fix toowoomba

wifi fix iphone itechnician toowoombaIs your wifi greyed out and unable to be turned on your iPhone 4?  We  can replace the Wifi chip which will fix this error 80% of the time at iTechnician Toowoomba mobile iPhone repairs.  The repair takes a few hours and is quite advanced so try to book the job in ahead of time.

Australia Say no to Oculus Rift

oculos rift is shit

This guy must be looking at the price hey?

$350 they said…   Way back when Oculus Rift the consumer version was said many times to be around $350 when it was released which relieved a lot of people that were paying more for the developer version.  Now we are faced with the reality that the unit is twice that.


You know, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. We’re roughly in that ballpark… but it’s going to cost more than that. And the reason for that is that we’ve added a lot of technology to this thing beyond what existed in the DK1 and DK2 days. :Palmer Luckey founder of Oculus Rift. For those that don’t know Palmer sold his business to Facebook for 2 Billion Dollars.

599USD for americans but if your Australian we have to pay $649USD which at the time of writing is 923.27AUD oh and we also have to pay $130USD for shipping which is about $180AUD.  It doesn’t cost that much to ship to Australia it would cost about $80 Australian. So why the extra $50 for Australians?  Its not tax or anything its just because they can. And the ludicrous amount to ship the thing here? for $180 I could get a 80″ Flat screen delivered now that’s just rude.


Skip the Facebook Oculus Rift out of principal.


We have a alternative and that’s coming from Valve’s HTC Vive which should be better than the rift from what we are reading.


iPhone 6S is tougher to crack but it will still break

iPhone 6s cracked screen repair toowoomba

The iPhone 6S has been out for a while now and we have noticed that its defiantly stronger glass compared to the glass used on the iPhone 6. The case has also been improved it doesn’t bend like the old one and that’s where a lot of the problems with dropping occur. Its made of aerospace-industry grade aluminium and Apple state that its the strongest and most durable glass on any mobile phone on the market. We listen to our customers and how they feel their iPhone 6S have handled the months that they have had them and all the feedback suggests that it is in fact stronger and more durable in the real world. While the Force Touch seems to be the most compelling reason to upgrade to the 6S we would say that the durability is its best feature.


inside the iPhone 6s

Contributed by Daniel and Joseph



Our local DHL Courier dropped off the iPhone 6S at 8 am, and by 8.30 we had it our workshop dismantling .



What has changed?

The cameras, they expanded RF frontend the new display which is a lot thicker than the iPhone 6 which has a 1.3mm pad that acts as the 3D Touch screen. There is also a new finger print sensor and the arrangement from the motherboard to the sensor has changed dramatically, the sensor plugs into the 3D touch then into the board so we feel that if the 3D Touch circuit fails that the sensor will also go.  Lucky the design looks very solid and we don’t think it will fail very easily.

The Camera has been updated

What have we found?

There has been a die shrink of approximately 80% which should mean that the device uses less power. Increased to 8MB L3 Cache for the CPU as well.  The overall motherboard design is close to the iPhone 6 with most of the components in the same location. The board is coated with something and we think that its a light water proofing coating that has silently been installed.